Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From the Ashes...

As you've probably read in past entries and on other blogs, Archangel Network suffered a self-inflicted blow when I got caught using prims from a pirated Dalekanium build in my own line of Dalek avatars.  Yeah, I know.  It was stupid, I got caught, and I ended up paying for it big time.  There's no need to start lecturing me on things I already learned the hard way.

One of the consequences of this scandal is that Archangel Network is basically dead.  In order to salvage my legitimate builds, as well as the scripts created by Nonamei Scribe in the Dalek line, I accepted an offer to merge what was left of A.N. into a new group called Sci-Fi Enterprises, which is owned by Raife Resident, a relative newcomer to Second Life and a business entrepeneur, Nonamei Scribe, and Koschei Yuhara.  I am staying on as a customer service representative handling relations with S.F.E. buyers, while the company itself is taking on projects from talented builders.

Those of you who bought stuff from A.N. need not worry about losing out on its builds; they will return under the S.F.E. logo, and with any luck, they will finally be scripted again to be fully functional.  Don't think of this as goodbye.  Think of it as a new beginning.

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