Thursday, June 23, 2011

Open House at Phoenix Industries Platform!

Phoenix Industries is having its first open house at its platforms in Villeneuve, showcasing upcoming console builds for Second Life.  Among the builds featured are the Plasma (, Energy (, and Cosmic ( consoles by Syaoran Nootan, the Dark Wanderer ( by Koschei Yuhara, and the Library ( and Zero Console ( by me, Archangel Mortenwold*.

Scripting is proceeding on already-submitted builds.  The Phoenix Industries system will have role-play features, voice controls, built-in random landing system for the flight controls, cloaking and crash effects, and more.

Phoenix Industries will begin beta testing its new system this Saturday, June 25th.  To that end, they are seeking people to run their consoles through the paces.  Interested parties should get in contact with Nonamei Scribe and Koschei Yuhara.

Anyway, feel free to drop by any time today and check out what Phoenix Industries has on offer.  I'll be online most of today to help answer questions.  Any other questions, please feel free to join the product support group in-world at

*: For obvious reasons, my builds will be heavily inspected to make sure they're on the level.  For further details, please see previous postings.

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