Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does.

Someone IMed me in-world with a link to you-know-who's blog, the latest entry of which is now accusing my boss at Sci-Fi Enterprises of being an alt account, and not being in-world, I got the notice in my e-mail inbox.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is stuff that has to be seen to be believed, because otherwise you'd think I was pulling your leg.  Liar-boy even goes so far as to present screencaps that were sent to me by Raife Resident via e-mail as "proof" that it MUST therefore be me and no one else.  As usual, you-know-who can't be bothered to tell the truth.

Here's a concept I know you find difficult to understand, liar-boy: people can and do send me screenshots.  And very often, with their permission, I post those screenshots.  I know; it boggles the mind, doesn't it?  Because, you know, it's not like anyone would ever send me anything, right?  Because, you know, they might not have a blogspot account, or they may simply be having a lazy streak to do it themselves, or whatever reason.  Go figure.

The hilarity just keeps on coming from you-know-who.  First he lies about another region, accusing them of violating rules they didn't violate during a cancer fund-raising drive.  It gets so bad that the chair of the event in question has to step in and post correcting the record, and still the lies keep coming.  Then, when people post in his liefest after having been openly invited to post comments, one of his thugs threatens to report everyone who posted negative comments to their ISPs, which has the effect of prompting the chair of the convention to step in AGAIN and caution said thug about making threats.  (Because, you know, whining and issuing threats over the content of people's comments after publicly bad-mouthing another blog for not allowing comments isn't hypocritical at all.)  Then, after having blown off the post-convention meeting to party the night away at another lackey's company anniversary bash, he starts bitching about how he was bad-mouthed while he wasn't at the meeting, a meeting he could have made every effort to attend but didn't.  And now he's complaining because rules were imposed that would prevent him from getting away with launching another off-world liefest in order to escape facing the wrath of Linden Labs for breaking their terms of use on harassment of another person or group.  Gee, do you think maybe he's angry because the IFT Sci-Fi Alliance people in SL drafted rules that would prevent him from pulling another stunt like this again next year, with the very real consequence of getting himself booted from the convention if so much as one screencap is sent to convention heads during the event?  If you answered "yes," proceed to the next level.

Face facts, liar-boy.  You got caught in yet another lie, a HUGE one this time, and now you're grasping at straws trying to lay blame for your troubles everywhere except where it belongs, namely, on your own shoulders.  Now you're reduced to lying again about who's posting under which account because you just can't accept that your actions are pissing off people in addition to the ones you want to piss off, and some of those people you pissed off are in positions to make things very difficult for you if you so much as post one word of deceit against your enemies during next year's convention and it gets reported.

Here's a suggestion I know you'll never take: grow the f*** up, boy, stop your lying, and stop trying to place blame for your actions on everyone else.  No one told you to lie about anyone, and no one told you to keep on lying even after you got busted for it — by the head of the convention, no less, using his real name.  Here's another revelation you'll happily ignore: just because people send me screencaps and I post them doesn't mean they're me.  That's a pretty big leap even for you.  And for the record, liar-boy, swiping a few prims from a build someone else gave me — which I'm admitting to and was definitely wrong, so don't kid yourself into thinking I'm claiming sainthood on anything — isn't even close to being in the same league as the shit you pulled at the convention earlier this month, especially considering I admitted what I did and paid the original builder in compensation, a fact you and your merry band of suckups keep leaving out of your liefests.  What you have done goes way beyond anything I ever did, and you know it.  It's one thing to have a complaint with me.  That's a legitimate grievance that should have been settled between you and me.  But when you deliberately drag people you know had nothing to do with that into your wider war against another region, a war driven by petty jealousy over region traffic, you should know better than to assume the people you drag into it will stand idly by and let you get away with anything.  You are not so great and powerful that you can do whatever you want and no one else will speak up or do anything to reign you in.  Only the very wealthy and well connected can boast that privilege, and I'm pretty sure you don't fall into that category.

I know you're mentally deficient, liar-boy, and that you absolutely cannot stop lying.  It's a pathological thing.  You can't help yourself.  But your constant lying is damaging not only you, but the very group(s) you falsely claim to be defending.  If the damage was limited to just you and your merry gang of suckups, that would be one thing.  But you're actively trying to drag everyone else down with you, and this time you've got people who really haven't got the patience for your infantile behavior getting pissed.  Considering your track record, liar-boy, that's not surprising.