Monday, July 11, 2011

My Thoughts on Victurd's Behavior

Just to expand on my previous entry on this terrible subject, I want to express my utter disgust with Victurd1st Moronton's childish abuse of the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society to pursue his own vendetta against Kat Kassner and New London Village in TARDIS region.  To sum up, when New London Systems decided to show up for the convention after having previously decided not to, Victurd threw one of his patented temper tantrums and decided to make stuff up about his rivals.  He accused people from TARDIS region of having claimed to be part of the Relay for Life Doctor Who team, which was a flat out lie because no one from TARDIS region ever made any such claim — Victurd couldn't even produce any names — and of violating RFL-ACS rules regarding split donations through vendor sales.

The FACT is that Relay for Life had no problem with what New London Systems was doing.  There was an apparent misunderstanding on placing signs saying that a portion of the proceeds was going to RfL, and once Laredo Lowtide of TARDIS region got in touch with them, he was assured that RfL wasn't offended by it.  The sign was subsequently removed and things were fine from that end afterward.  Another FACT, which Victurd left out of his liefest, was that vendors and non-sponsors were asked by the convention admins to donate a minimum of ten precent of their sales to RfL-ACS.  This was in keeping with the rules.  Victurd and his merry band of suckups knew this when they began spreading their lies.

That was bad enough.  Victurd then got stupid (like he always does) and posted a notice in his 'Doctor Who' SL group with his accusation, a blatant violation of SL's terms of service regarding harassment of another individual or group.  I have been informed that several abuse reports were filed against him for that, and that convention security and admins had to be asked to talk to him and his group.  Why they were allowed to remain at the convention instead of being immediately ejected and banned is beyond me.  Just because a person or group is a sponsor does not give him or them the right to display such reprehensible behavior.  It reflects poorly on the convention as a whole and can cause visitors and vendors alike to not want to participate in future conventions, thus harming the very spirit of the event — and more importantly, harming the very mission of fighting cancer the convention was created to fulfill.

And that, dear readers, is why Victurd's assault on TARDIS region is so utterly disgusting.  Many of us have lost friends, relatives, and acquaintances to cancer.  My mother had uteran cancer once and had to have a hysterectomy.  My paternal grandfather lost a lung to cancer and died a month later of a heart attack.  I had to have a couple of abnormal moles removed a few years ago because the dermatologist was concerned that they could become malignant.  And I was told by a dear friend in SL, who is part of New London, that she lost an uncle to stomach cancer this weekend.  So this hideous abuse of the convention and its sponsor organizations struck an especially devastating emotional blow to many people.  That Victurd would stoop so low shows only that he is nothing but a subhuman savage, a beast without conscience, without remorse, and without pity.  There is nothing this vile cretin, this piece of filth, will not lie about in order to pursue a grudge, and there is no tactic too low for him or his merry band of shameless suckups.

IF, and this is a very big IF, there was any problem at all with New London Systems' vendor display at the convention, the proper way to go about it was to contact Kat and Laredo in private and tell them about the rules set down by the convention administrators.  If that failed to yield desired results, then private communication with convention administrators was the next step, and finally, if that was insufficient, to privately talk to RfL-ACS to get clarification.  NONE of this was done.  Instead, Victurd1st Moronton and his gang of subhuman filth went public with a deceit-laden tirade begun on an off-world blog to avoid being penalized for SL terms of service violations, then took it in-world when that failed to drive his rivals from the convention.  Whatever that piece of filth hoped to achieve beyond getting a rise out of Kat and her group in-world, he failed spectacularly.  The fact is that this wretched, dishonest little child has a long history of wrecking virtual fan groups with his petty drivel and his obsessive need to dominate everything and everyone.  Granted, I am not one to talk about integrity here, seeing as how I'm not exactly a saint.  But goes beyond anything I ever did or will ever do.

My own opinion is that Victurd1st Moronton and his gang of filth should be removed from any and all RfL-ACS groups and disinvited from all future conventions involving them.  Yes, they paid money to be sponsors, but other paying sponsors can be found to replace that bunch of worthless savages — sponsors who won't abuse RfL-ACS for their own ends or transform public events open to everyone into their personal battlegrounds.

And that is the absolute last I have to say about the matter.

UPDATE (15th July, 2011 at 9:44AM ETD/7:44AM SLT): Although I said all I had to say about this matter on this blog, I noticed the following comment written in Victurd's dishonest entry, posted by the chair of the sci-fi convention himself.

Anthony Haslage said...

Okay, before this gets too much further out of hand... I am the chairman of the convention, Anthony Haslage of The Federation.

The only problem here is that the other group was not aware they could not promote if they were splitting profits. Advertising you are doing so is a no-no, actually doing it falls into a gray area. The American Cancer Society is not going to return a donation because someone split their profits.

The convention, a legitimate Relay for Life fundraiser promoted by the ACS, gave the option of splitting profits to groups in lieu of the entry fee. Only four groups accepted the offer.

As a result of a conversation with the ACS on Tuesday night, we will no longer continue to offer splitting proceeds in lieu of an entry fee. However, if groups still want to split proceeds from sales and not advertise it, that is their right and not against ACS policy. This is the gray area.
 14 July 2011 22:56

Looks like Victurd's liefest was just shot down publicly by the head honcho in charge of the convention.  And there's not a thing he can do about it without looking like an even bigger liar than he is or facing more severe consequences for continuing his disgusting behavior.  But that's what he gets for lying his fool butt off using a cancer charity to press his grudge with a more successful region.

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