Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phoenix Industries Booth at the Convention

Here are some snapshots taken of the Phoenix Industries crew at this year's convention.

Raife discovers the Dune exhibit!
 Live long and prosper.
 Kat Kassner looking sexy at the canon Maldovarium display.
Laredo Lowtide strikes a pose.
Rod Roddenberry, ladies and gents!
Phoenix Industries Booth
Koschei Yuhara
Nonamei Scribe
Winners of the Ugly Sofa contest.
The prize hunt TARDIS box was hidden in plain sight.
The teleport link for the Plasma console was the Plasma PB mk. II.
 The Plasma PB mk. I took people to Phoenix Industries main store.
The Master's Mainframe showed people the way to the Dark Wanderer console.
 My variation on the 11th Doctor's PB took people to the Library console.
From left to right: Koschei, Nonamei, and Syaoran.
 Phoenix Industries was kind enough to share its booth space with Sci-Fi Enterprises.
Koschei, Nonamei, Raife, and Syaoran.
 Chilling on the couch.
Aw, they stuck us in a corner!  Ha ha, it was okay though.

Well, that's about it for the pictures.  The booth had to be moved, apparently, from the southwest region to the southeast one because lag was so terrible in the other one.  The second location was right next door to the south region, which hosted the dance parties, and was close to the New London canon Maldovarium build.  Sandwiched in between, as you can see, was the replica of the Power Rangers headquarters.  Phoenix Industries received a number of compliments on the booth display, which is good because Koschei Yuhara put a lot of work into making it.

Both Phoenix Industries and Sci-Fi Enterprises made their introduction at the convention this year, and next year should be even better.  Raife tells me he plans to become a sponsor next year.  That's pretty much it for updates on the convention in this entry.  Thanks to all who visited and showed their support!

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