Friday, March 30, 2012

Relay for Life at New London, Sunday, April 1st

Time Lords for the Cure is hosting an April Fools event this Sunday at the Travellers Rest Pub in New London Village.

Be sure to wear something SILLY, because there'll be 500L$ on the board for the most outrageous, silly costume or avatar.

Here's the link to the pub:

The party starts at 1PM SL time and goes until 3PM. Instead of tips for the DJ, I'm asking visitors to donate to an RFL kiosk that will be placed specially for the event.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Madness and Saint Patty's Day RFL Events

Coming up this week are two events.  On 14th March from 12PM-3PM SL time, we have March Madness RFL.  No, I'm not talking about basketball.  I'm talking about "Alice in Wonderland".

Then on 17th March, 2012 we have our Saint Patrick's Day event.

Both events will be held at Club Wamphyri, a new gothic nightclub located in Aquatica region.  We'll have special prizes courtesy of Sci-Fi Enterprises for the Wednesday event, and for Saturday a cash prize.  Rather than have the sploder fun I normally engage people in, I'll be asking visitor to pay the Relay for Life donation kiosk.  Our fund-raising goal for each event is 5,000L$.  Your donations will go to help fund research into finding a cure, treatment for the currently afflicted, and other forms of support.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time Lords for the Cure: Relay for Life in Second Life

After what turned out to be a false start in participating in this year's Relay for Life fund-raising activities, I went ahead and formed my own team to help in this year's activities, called Time Lords for the Cure.  It's an opportunity for SL Whovians to help in a worthy cause while avoiding the unnecessary and ultimately destructive drama caused by others.

To this end I've invited some of my SL friends and acquaintances to join the team, but we're willing and happy to cooperate with other teams to help raise funds.  If you're interested, send me a notecard with your avatar default name (not the display name you may or may not be using) so I can add your name to the team roster.  If you're already in another team, no worries!  Have your team captain get in touch with me and maybe our teams can help coordinate on mutual or concurrent events.  Be sure to ask RFL team mentors about the rules pertaining to this so no policies are violated.  We don't want to spoil anything by inadvertently breaking any RFL rules.

I'll send out an updated rules notecard tomorrow night, along with another one containing donation kiosks and instructions, but here they are so far.*

1.  You can set out an American Cancer Society (aka ACS) donation kiosk in your shop, club, or private home.

2. If you work for tips, you can have people pay the kiosk instead.

3. You can offer a special item in vendors — but note that 100% of sales proceeds should be set to go to ACS, RFL, or both.  See the rules regarding donations through vendor sales.

4. Events — Good for ratings from (PG) to (Mature).

*: Please bear in mind that if you do plan to host adult-themed events (i.e. sexual or violent), you can hold them, but they can't be added to billboards.

5. Off-Line Donations.  You can donate via the team's RFL web page:

6. If you're in the 'Time Lords of Gallifrey' group, you don't need to join another one.  This will be the group used to coordinate events.

Group ID:  7f754248-ab36-db87-b76d-e807f0b8a0ad

Group Link in SL: secondlife:///app/group/7f754248-ab36-db87-b76d-e807f0b8a0ad/about

7. We're more than willing to work with other teams in the spirit of cooperation, be it on events or sharing information as necessary to help raise awareness of ACS-RFL.  We're all working toward the same goal, after all.

Our team mentor is Terran Magic.  Questions we can't answer should be directed to this person.

[[RFL Events]]

There will be some special on-site events (such as the SL Sci-Fi Convention) where our team may have a booth or be represented. Team members will be given the opportunity to provide RFL vendors selling their creations. Products are to be G or PG only; no mature or Adult.  Sales from such vendors MUST have 100% go to ACS-RFL.  See RFL rules pertaining to announcements or ads that you are doing this.

The Relay

The Relay for Life  will be held in July.  All teams will be invited to spend the weekend running in a virtual race to help raise funds.  We'll send further info on the campsite later this year, before the big event.  "Time for a Cure" is the theme this year, so let's show our TLoG pride and help raise funds to fight cancer!

Last year certain clowns decided to cause a bunch of grief for others during the RFL-ACS-sponsored Sci-Fi Convention by posting outright deceptions on an off-world blog.  Let's not turn this noble cause into another excuse to wage war against rival groups.  We're all supposed to be adults.  Let's act the part.  Violators will be ejected from the team and reported to ACS-RFL personnel to be dealt with.

*:  The above-posted team rules are a heavily-edited version of ones posted by Holocluck Henley, so if any wording seems familiar, that's where it came from.  Just letting you know up front.  Any changes or additions will be posted as necessary upon the request of Mr. Henley or RFL personnel.