Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dalek Battle in New London!

Sadly, SL grid issues have thoroughly trashed my scheduled DJ event at the Maldovarium in New London today.  People can't log in, teleport, receive notices or messages, and so forth.  BUT...we were able to hold a Dalek battle in the now ex-mothership, which culminated in the destruction of said mothership.  Here are some snapshots taken of the battle.

Poor Static got his fender blasted off!
Emergency!  Emergency!
Jane's getting tough!
Laredo's looking a little exposed...

Kill da mean ol' Time Lord!

A Tennoob dressed like a Smoob?

Gang up!

Raising shields!

Mayo is a real Boy Scout!

Who's on the run?

Wellzy rushes to assist!


"Exterminate!  Annihilate!  Destroy!"

Left 'em smokin'!

Uh-oh!  Dalek exterminated!
As you can see, there wasn't much left of the place after the Time Lords got through with it.  What a mess, huh?  The Daleks got their encased backsides handed to them.  I'm gonna try to log on to SL again and see if the grid is back up.  Check back later for more updates!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doctor Who News Links

Steven Moffat chimes in on the series' new executive producer:

 The exec joining me on Doctor Who is Caroline Skinner - fresh from the wonderful Five Days, and still finishing up on a brand new show called The Fades (a fantasy horror series, written by Jack Thorne - I've seen episode 1, and it's BRILLIANT.) Somewhere between me laughing in a basement and choosing planets to invade, and Marcus Wilson raising armies, there has to be a Prime Minister actually running the whole thing. That's the job Piers Wenger and Beth Willis have been doing so wonderfully for the last few years. Now that Piers is off to movie land, that's the furnace Caroline will be walking into.

Okay, now I'm mildly curious as to the upcoming second half of Series 6, Series 7, and the future of the show.  Moffat was coming close to turning me off of watching with his poor direction.  Maybe some fresh blood in the producing team will help provide a much needed improvement.  According to the article, fourteen new episodes have been greenlighted and series star Matt Smith will be returning for them.  That's good, because I like him in the role of the Doctor.

Mark your calendars for August 27th, because that's when Doctor Who returns to finish up Series 6.  The BBC has helpfully dropped some hints as to what we may expect.

Keep watching for more updates on Doctor Who and more!

Stupid is as stupid does.

Someone IMed me in-world with a link to you-know-who's blog, the latest entry of which is now accusing my boss at Sci-Fi Enterprises of being an alt account, and not being in-world, I got the notice in my e-mail inbox.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is stuff that has to be seen to be believed, because otherwise you'd think I was pulling your leg.  Liar-boy even goes so far as to present screencaps that were sent to me by Raife Resident via e-mail as "proof" that it MUST therefore be me and no one else.  As usual, you-know-who can't be bothered to tell the truth.

Here's a concept I know you find difficult to understand, liar-boy: people can and do send me screenshots.  And very often, with their permission, I post those screenshots.  I know; it boggles the mind, doesn't it?  Because, you know, it's not like anyone would ever send me anything, right?  Because, you know, they might not have a blogspot account, or they may simply be having a lazy streak to do it themselves, or whatever reason.  Go figure.

The hilarity just keeps on coming from you-know-who.  First he lies about another region, accusing them of violating rules they didn't violate during a cancer fund-raising drive.  It gets so bad that the chair of the event in question has to step in and post correcting the record, and still the lies keep coming.  Then, when people post in his liefest after having been openly invited to post comments, one of his thugs threatens to report everyone who posted negative comments to their ISPs, which has the effect of prompting the chair of the convention to step in AGAIN and caution said thug about making threats.  (Because, you know, whining and issuing threats over the content of people's comments after publicly bad-mouthing another blog for not allowing comments isn't hypocritical at all.)  Then, after having blown off the post-convention meeting to party the night away at another lackey's company anniversary bash, he starts bitching about how he was bad-mouthed while he wasn't at the meeting, a meeting he could have made every effort to attend but didn't.  And now he's complaining because rules were imposed that would prevent him from getting away with launching another off-world liefest in order to escape facing the wrath of Linden Labs for breaking their terms of use on harassment of another person or group.  Gee, do you think maybe he's angry because the IFT Sci-Fi Alliance people in SL drafted rules that would prevent him from pulling another stunt like this again next year, with the very real consequence of getting himself booted from the convention if so much as one screencap is sent to convention heads during the event?  If you answered "yes," proceed to the next level.

Face facts, liar-boy.  You got caught in yet another lie, a HUGE one this time, and now you're grasping at straws trying to lay blame for your troubles everywhere except where it belongs, namely, on your own shoulders.  Now you're reduced to lying again about who's posting under which account because you just can't accept that your actions are pissing off people in addition to the ones you want to piss off, and some of those people you pissed off are in positions to make things very difficult for you if you so much as post one word of deceit against your enemies during next year's convention and it gets reported.

Here's a suggestion I know you'll never take: grow the f*** up, boy, stop your lying, and stop trying to place blame for your actions on everyone else.  No one told you to lie about anyone, and no one told you to keep on lying even after you got busted for it — by the head of the convention, no less, using his real name.  Here's another revelation you'll happily ignore: just because people send me screencaps and I post them doesn't mean they're me.  That's a pretty big leap even for you.  And for the record, liar-boy, swiping a few prims from a build someone else gave me — which I'm admitting to and was definitely wrong, so don't kid yourself into thinking I'm claiming sainthood on anything — isn't even close to being in the same league as the shit you pulled at the convention earlier this month, especially considering I admitted what I did and paid the original builder in compensation, a fact you and your merry band of suckups keep leaving out of your liefests.  What you have done goes way beyond anything I ever did, and you know it.  It's one thing to have a complaint with me.  That's a legitimate grievance that should have been settled between you and me.  But when you deliberately drag people you know had nothing to do with that into your wider war against another region, a war driven by petty jealousy over region traffic, you should know better than to assume the people you drag into it will stand idly by and let you get away with anything.  You are not so great and powerful that you can do whatever you want and no one else will speak up or do anything to reign you in.  Only the very wealthy and well connected can boast that privilege, and I'm pretty sure you don't fall into that category.

I know you're mentally deficient, liar-boy, and that you absolutely cannot stop lying.  It's a pathological thing.  You can't help yourself.  But your constant lying is damaging not only you, but the very group(s) you falsely claim to be defending.  If the damage was limited to just you and your merry gang of suckups, that would be one thing.  But you're actively trying to drag everyone else down with you, and this time you've got people who really haven't got the patience for your infantile behavior getting pissed.  Considering your track record, liar-boy, that's not surprising.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Review So Far of "Torchwood: Miracle Day"

Three episodes of "Torchwood: Miracle Day" have now aired in the U.S., and I thought I'd do a review of episodes so far.  Because the U.K. is for once having to wait until after it broadcasts in the U.S. to see episodes, I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.  (Usually, it's Doctor Who airing in the U.K. first and we across the pond who have to wait until later)

The premise is this: One day, without warning, people stop dying.  They still grow older, still get sick and injured, but they absolutely cannot die.  While for some this is seen as an opportunity, the disastrous implications quickly become very clear — exponential population growth, diseases running rampant, violence intensifying as people snap under pressure and resources dwindle.  That is the situation the world faces.  No one is able to figure out why.

Naturally, this being "Torchwood", Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack Harkness must reunite in order to solve the mystery of Miracle Day and set things right again.

So far so good from writer-producer Russell T. Davies.  All the elements that made "Torchwood" great are still present.  Davies offers us a cast of disparate characters, all of whom are driven to do things for their own reasons.  CIA operative Rex Matheson (played by Mekhi Phifer) is mortally wounded when his car crashes into the back of a semi truck and a pole impales him, but does not die.  His co-worker Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins) was on the phone with him when it happened, telling him about a single word that has popped up on CIA monitors: Torchwood.  Blaming herself for Matheson's accident and driven by other stresses, she seeks out information on Torchwood in hopes of unraveling the mystery.  Doctor Vera Juarez, played by Arlene Tur, is an emergency room physician who struggles to help patients, colleagues, and experts from all over the country cope in a world without death.  "Six Feet Under's" incredibly sexy redhead Lauren Ambrose plays Jilly Kitzinger, a vivaciously aggressive pharmaceutical rep. who seems determined to push her product and offer her services to people.  Finally, Bill Pullman portrays Oswald Danes, a convicted child rapist-murderer whose execution was foiled by the Miracle and who becomes a celebrity on the TV talk show circuit.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Captain Jack is suddenly mortal again?  Oops.  Probably should have alerted you to the spoiler.  Oh well.  It's like the temporal thingamajig that Rose Tyler did to him when she'd absorbed energy from the Time Vortex that resurrects him every time he dies, but allows him to grow old at an incredibly slow rate, was transferred from him to everyone else on Earth.  You just knew Davies was going to throw something like this in just to mess with what I am sure is his favorite character of all the ones he's created.  This makes for some intense emotional scenes, especially in episode three.

Eve Myles, reprising her role as Gwen Cooper, does a splendid job playing a new mother trying to protect her family while plunging herself headlong back into the Torchwood fray.  SPOILER: take a look at the expression on her face when she brings down a helicopter chasing her, husband Rhys Williams (Kai Owen), Captain Jack, and Rex Matheson.  Do NOT mess with this MILF!  (By the way, Eve Myles is a MILF in real life.)

Perhaps the most mysterious characters are Jilly Kitzinger and Oswald Danes.  Jilly shows up at just the moments when people like Dr. Juarez and Danes seem to most (or least) need someone to guide them.  Who is she really, and what is this Phicopr pharmeceutical company she works for?  And then there is Oswald Danes.  Actor Bill Pullman's portrayal of a convicted child rapist and murderer is surprisingly layered, considering I never really thought much of his acting abilities.  Sorry, Bill, but that's just how I feel.  No offense meant.  Anyway, Davies wisely writes the character of Danes as having motivations that come off looking like they're never really what we initially think.  Is he simply having fun rubbing salt in the wounds of his victim's family by doing the talk show circuit?  Is he simply caught up in the mania surrounding Miracle Day and trying his best to survive out of prison, having lawyered his way out on the technicality that since his sentence was successfully carried out, he is no longer bound?  Or is he looking for someone to finally put an end to him for his crimes?  A confrontation with Captain Jack only adds to our confusion on Danes' motivations, and that is perhaps the most enjoyably irritating thing Russell Davies is doing so far with this story.

Alrighty then, that's about all I have to write so far about "Torchwood: Miracle Day".  Keep an eye out for further reviews.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ooh, Rainbow Viewer is back...But for How Long?

While chatting in the Singularity Viewer group in Second Life, someone was kind enough to point out that Rainbow Viewer, based on the old SL Viewer 1.22, has gotten an update as of July 10th.  You can read the newest entry here.

I used both Rainbow and Emerald viewers until Emerald went kaput last year for reasons explained in this blog entry.  From the ashes of the Emerald Viewer arose Phoenix, which had most if not all of the functionality and user-friendliness of Emerald, and a great graphics engine.  It has had its bugs, such as objects (both local and attached) suddenly de-rendering with right-clicking only working to re-render them sporadically, and conference and group chat windows not showing who else is participating, but overall the user interface was and always will be far superior to Linden Labs' Viewer 2 and several third party viewers based on it, like Kirstens.  Of course, Linden labs is jealous of third party viewers that give users what they like and want, and they're determined to kill off all Viewer 1-based viewers by breaking the code that allows them to function.

For its part, the Phoenix team decided it was better to suck up to Linden Labs than it is to make users happy, so they've been working long and hard on a viewer that is in most aspects that I can see identical to Linden Labs' Viewer 2, which they've called Firestorm.  The viewer is currently in public beta mode.  If this weren't bad enough, the Phoenix team apparently thinks that it can dismiss legitimate concerns with the user unfriendliness of Firestorm by insulting its users.
I'm happy to say though that the unhappy folks are only a small minority, however they can be very vocal, loud and discouraging.
Yeah, way to alienate your user base.  Maybe if you didn't respond to user complaints with such snark as "Viewer 2 is coming, get used to it," you wouldn't be forcing harsher replies.  Alas, some people never learn.  Oh well.  At any rate, with Linden labs forcing everyone to adopt its inferior Viewer 2 software and layout, it looks as though a lot of long term users will find themselves forced to leave Second Life for greener pastures.  Fortunately, Singularity's development team has managed to do what the Phoenix development team apparently refuses to do, namely, make a Viewer 2-based viewer that actually has the superior Viewer 1 layout and controls.  I heard through the user support group in-world that they are working on getting the mesh import feature, and that they are very close to succeeding in bringing it in.  No date was given, which is understandable considering that anything can happen which might delay release of an updated viewer.  But at least Singularity seems to be trying to make its users happy.  And they do seem to listen to people's concerns with a much friendlier attitude.

In the meantime, I've installed the new Rainbow Viewer update and it is working splendidly so far.  It is anyone's guess as to exactly how long it will remain functional, however.  As I've written, Linden Labs is working diligently to break Viewer 1-based viewers for Second Life.  Rainbow will probably end up joining Phoenix and all the other better viewers out there on the Viewer 1 trash heap.  But until that happens, I'll enjoy it and Singularity until they are no more or until I am no more.  I'll keep Firestorm around just in case its developers wise up, but chances are I won't be using it much, if at all.

UPDATE (10:09 PM EDT/7:10 PM SLT): Calisto Llewellin  has brought it to my attention that Singularity is indeed based on Viewer 1.  My apologies for giving the wrong information.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Phoenix Viewer Soon To Be Broken by Linden Labs, Horrible Firestorm To Take its Place

Reading through the dismissive blog entry on the Phoenix Viewer web site about complaints from Viewer 1 users, I couldn't help but be reminded of the replies in-world to people trying to use the Firestorm beta asking where various features were and getting unsatisfactory responses.  The general attitude was, "Viewer 2 is coming so get used to it".  Never mind that Viewer 2 is unusable for most people who started Second Life on Viewer 1.  Granted, Phoenix does have a video in which it claims to help users make their Viewer 2 viewer look more like Viewer 1 (using voice, naturally, and the volume isn't loud enough for people with impaired hearing).  But the issue here isn't just that by making a viewer that most Second Life residents who signed up before Viewer 2 can't use they are in fact helping Linden Labs to alienate a huge swath of its customers.  It's the condescendingly dismissive attitude in the face of legitimate complaints.

After all, no one told the developers who work on Phoenix Viewer to make it so that the inventory button doesn't show up at all unless you right-click the bottom of the viewer screen, and even then you have to hide another button as the trade-off.  And no one forced the Phoenix development team to make it so that the inventory menu remains hidden behind the chat window and that resizing the inventory menu isn't an option.  This means that every time you want to gain access to your inventory, you have to move or close the chat window in order to do it.  Phoenix Viewer didn't make you go through that nonsense.  Whatever window was active, that was the one that appeared on top of others.  And if you wanted to make another window active, all you had to do was click that window.  But Viewer 2 doesn't allow that.  Nor will it allow anything from inventory to be saved as an off-world .xml file — even if it's full-perm, and even if it's a texture image that is full-perm.  If you didn't make the object yourself, and if you didn't upload the texture image yourself, forget about making a backup.  So when Linden Labs servers decide to completely delete parts of your inventory, say goodbye to them forever.  The only way currently to make .xml backups of your full-perm inventory is to use a viewer like Meerkat, and soon that will be broken as it is Viewer 1-based.

In essence, the Phoenix development team caved in to Linden Labs and made their viewer an almost carbon copy of the unusable Viewer 2.  And by dismissing legitimate complaints from users as unfair attacks on volunteer staff who have been rude and condescending, a fundamental point gets lost: the Phoenix development team could easily have kept the viewer 1 layout while making the viewer itself compatible with Linden labs' demands.  It can be done because it already has been — by the Singularity development team.  The graphics engine on Singularity seems to have some deficiencies, like over-saturated colors, too-intense lighting effects, and a pixelated look making everything appear way too cartoonish.  But these are things I'm sure the Singularity team is working on, or will soon.  And they built their viewer to have the same layout and features Viewer 1 does while being compliant with Linden labs' unreasonable software demands.

Maybe instead of insulting its user base, which arguably made Phoenix Viewer the most popular one of choice for residents seeking an alternative to the unusable Viewer 2, its developers should actually listen to them and go back to the drawing board.  Just because they want to bend over backwards to please Linden labs doesn't mean they have to make their users suffer, or dismiss user complaints with insults.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Best in British Sci-Fi!

DJ Garf Serpente is rocking the house down at New London Village's canon recreation of the maldovarium right this minute!

Prize is 1,200L$ for best in British sci-fi, so come on down and join us for fun, music, and laughter!

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Thoughts on Victurd's Behavior

Just to expand on my previous entry on this terrible subject, I want to express my utter disgust with Victurd1st Moronton's childish abuse of the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society to pursue his own vendetta against Kat Kassner and New London Village in TARDIS region.  To sum up, when New London Systems decided to show up for the convention after having previously decided not to, Victurd threw one of his patented temper tantrums and decided to make stuff up about his rivals.  He accused people from TARDIS region of having claimed to be part of the Relay for Life Doctor Who team, which was a flat out lie because no one from TARDIS region ever made any such claim — Victurd couldn't even produce any names — and of violating RFL-ACS rules regarding split donations through vendor sales.

The FACT is that Relay for Life had no problem with what New London Systems was doing.  There was an apparent misunderstanding on placing signs saying that a portion of the proceeds was going to RfL, and once Laredo Lowtide of TARDIS region got in touch with them, he was assured that RfL wasn't offended by it.  The sign was subsequently removed and things were fine from that end afterward.  Another FACT, which Victurd left out of his liefest, was that vendors and non-sponsors were asked by the convention admins to donate a minimum of ten precent of their sales to RfL-ACS.  This was in keeping with the rules.  Victurd and his merry band of suckups knew this when they began spreading their lies.

That was bad enough.  Victurd then got stupid (like he always does) and posted a notice in his 'Doctor Who' SL group with his accusation, a blatant violation of SL's terms of service regarding harassment of another individual or group.  I have been informed that several abuse reports were filed against him for that, and that convention security and admins had to be asked to talk to him and his group.  Why they were allowed to remain at the convention instead of being immediately ejected and banned is beyond me.  Just because a person or group is a sponsor does not give him or them the right to display such reprehensible behavior.  It reflects poorly on the convention as a whole and can cause visitors and vendors alike to not want to participate in future conventions, thus harming the very spirit of the event — and more importantly, harming the very mission of fighting cancer the convention was created to fulfill.

And that, dear readers, is why Victurd's assault on TARDIS region is so utterly disgusting.  Many of us have lost friends, relatives, and acquaintances to cancer.  My mother had uteran cancer once and had to have a hysterectomy.  My paternal grandfather lost a lung to cancer and died a month later of a heart attack.  I had to have a couple of abnormal moles removed a few years ago because the dermatologist was concerned that they could become malignant.  And I was told by a dear friend in SL, who is part of New London, that she lost an uncle to stomach cancer this weekend.  So this hideous abuse of the convention and its sponsor organizations struck an especially devastating emotional blow to many people.  That Victurd would stoop so low shows only that he is nothing but a subhuman savage, a beast without conscience, without remorse, and without pity.  There is nothing this vile cretin, this piece of filth, will not lie about in order to pursue a grudge, and there is no tactic too low for him or his merry band of shameless suckups.

IF, and this is a very big IF, there was any problem at all with New London Systems' vendor display at the convention, the proper way to go about it was to contact Kat and Laredo in private and tell them about the rules set down by the convention administrators.  If that failed to yield desired results, then private communication with convention administrators was the next step, and finally, if that was insufficient, to privately talk to RfL-ACS to get clarification.  NONE of this was done.  Instead, Victurd1st Moronton and his gang of subhuman filth went public with a deceit-laden tirade begun on an off-world blog to avoid being penalized for SL terms of service violations, then took it in-world when that failed to drive his rivals from the convention.  Whatever that piece of filth hoped to achieve beyond getting a rise out of Kat and her group in-world, he failed spectacularly.  The fact is that this wretched, dishonest little child has a long history of wrecking virtual fan groups with his petty drivel and his obsessive need to dominate everything and everyone.  Granted, I am not one to talk about integrity here, seeing as how I'm not exactly a saint.  But goes beyond anything I ever did or will ever do.

My own opinion is that Victurd1st Moronton and his gang of filth should be removed from any and all RfL-ACS groups and disinvited from all future conventions involving them.  Yes, they paid money to be sponsors, but other paying sponsors can be found to replace that bunch of worthless savages — sponsors who won't abuse RfL-ACS for their own ends or transform public events open to everyone into their personal battlegrounds.

And that is the absolute last I have to say about the matter.

UPDATE (15th July, 2011 at 9:44AM ETD/7:44AM SLT): Although I said all I had to say about this matter on this blog, I noticed the following comment written in Victurd's dishonest entry, posted by the chair of the sci-fi convention himself.

Anthony Haslage said...

Okay, before this gets too much further out of hand... I am the chairman of the convention, Anthony Haslage of The Federation.

The only problem here is that the other group was not aware they could not promote if they were splitting profits. Advertising you are doing so is a no-no, actually doing it falls into a gray area. The American Cancer Society is not going to return a donation because someone split their profits.

The convention, a legitimate Relay for Life fundraiser promoted by the ACS, gave the option of splitting profits to groups in lieu of the entry fee. Only four groups accepted the offer.

As a result of a conversation with the ACS on Tuesday night, we will no longer continue to offer splitting proceeds in lieu of an entry fee. However, if groups still want to split proceeds from sales and not advertise it, that is their right and not against ACS policy. This is the gray area.
 14 July 2011 22:56

Looks like Victurd's liefest was just shot down publicly by the head honcho in charge of the convention.  And there's not a thing he can do about it without looking like an even bigger liar than he is or facing more severe consequences for continuing his disgusting behavior.  But that's what he gets for lying his fool butt off using a cancer charity to press his grudge with a more successful region.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Phoenix Industries Booth at the Convention

Here are some snapshots taken of the Phoenix Industries crew at this year's convention.

Raife discovers the Dune exhibit!
 Live long and prosper.
 Kat Kassner looking sexy at the canon Maldovarium display.
Laredo Lowtide strikes a pose.
Rod Roddenberry, ladies and gents!
Phoenix Industries Booth
Koschei Yuhara
Nonamei Scribe
Winners of the Ugly Sofa contest.
The prize hunt TARDIS box was hidden in plain sight.
The teleport link for the Plasma console was the Plasma PB mk. II.
 The Plasma PB mk. I took people to Phoenix Industries main store.
The Master's Mainframe showed people the way to the Dark Wanderer console.
 My variation on the 11th Doctor's PB took people to the Library console.
From left to right: Koschei, Nonamei, and Syaoran.
 Phoenix Industries was kind enough to share its booth space with Sci-Fi Enterprises.
Koschei, Nonamei, Raife, and Syaoran.
 Chilling on the couch.
Aw, they stuck us in a corner!  Ha ha, it was okay though.

Well, that's about it for the pictures.  The booth had to be moved, apparently, from the southwest region to the southeast one because lag was so terrible in the other one.  The second location was right next door to the south region, which hosted the dance parties, and was close to the New London canon Maldovarium build.  Sandwiched in between, as you can see, was the replica of the Power Rangers headquarters.  Phoenix Industries received a number of compliments on the booth display, which is good because Koschei Yuhara put a lot of work into making it.

Both Phoenix Industries and Sci-Fi Enterprises made their introduction at the convention this year, and next year should be even better.  Raife tells me he plans to become a sponsor next year.  That's pretty much it for updates on the convention in this entry.  Thanks to all who visited and showed their support!

Unnecessary Drama at the Convention

I read this morning a disturbing blog entry by a certain "member" of the SL Whovian community accusing another group of violating rules at the SL Sci-Fi Convention this year.  I am not going to name names here, though screen captures will unavoidably show the information, but I want to make this about the act, not the people involved.  To correct the official record, the accuser's allegations are false, as can be demonstrated by reading the rules pertaining to donations to Relay for Life by vendors.

Booth Prims:
- 384 - Non-vendors & non-sponsors (Free)
- 384 - Vendors & non-sponsors ($250 L or 10% of sales going to the charity.)
- 500 - Sponsors ($16,000 L)

The above is copied and pasted from the convention rules regarding sponsors and vendors.  The group being falsely accused is donating fifteen percent of its sales to the event's charity sponsor.  No rules are being violated by the accused, as far as security can determine.  There is no one affiliated with the accused group claiming to be part of Relay for Life SL group or trying to confuse people as to which group is which.  Others have reported the accusers to convention administrators for clarification and to end the harassment and defamation, especially since the accuser is a sponsor at the convention and should know better than to pull a stunt like this at an event co-created by someone who was sick of politics and fighting and wanted a way to unite people under a common cause to help others.  Whatever other actions taken to report the offense, I don't know, but I can't imagine they won't be taken.  Screencaps are posted below in case the accuser removes the entry and denies what he wrote.

The accused group was not even going to have a booth at this year's convention because of the accuser's constant drama-causing, both in-world and off-world.  But I talked them into attending so they would not be chased away or excluded from yet another SL event, like they were from the Designing Worlds broadcast at SL's 8th Birthday celebration.  The SL Whovian community is larger than any one group or region, and it is wrong for any group to be excluded, defamed, harassed, and bullied — especially for the stupid reason of the accuser simply being too childish to share his Doctor Who geekdom with anyone else.  The accuser is deliberately and maliciously trying to destroy the SL Whovian and Sci-Fi communities just so he can stroke his own ego by pretending he's Master of the Universe.  This has GOT to stop.*

UPDATE (3:18PM EDT-12:18PM SLT): The accuser in this latest bit of melodrama has now resorted to sending out a group notice in-world with this false allegation of his, trying to bully people into booting his rivals from the convention.  I am told that he has been reported to Linden Labs and to convention authorities.  It is bad enough to use Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society as weapons in a personal feud against another region from an off-world blog.  But now he's bringing it into SL, which can and should be reported to Linden Labs for harassment and defamation of another individual or group.

UPDATE (4:20PM ETD/1:20PM SLT): I have been informed that the thread in question has now generated a number of comments, some of which the accuser has apparently deleted in an effort to protect his lie from the Truth. A poster named Wolf apparently read this blog entry and posted what I wrote above in the thread.  Here is the comment screen capture:

The accuser has since updated his entry to post a like to the American Cancer Society's rules regarding donations of proceeds from non-sponsor vendors, but those rules do not appear to apply in this case.  The rules pertain to people actively participating in the Relay for Life group or groups in Second Life, not specifically to non-sponsor vendors.  A ten percent minimum donation was asked by Sci-Fi convention admins of vendors, which the accused has done in compliance with said request.  In fact, they're giving more than the minimum amount asked.  This is just my theory, and may or may not be correct, but I think the reason the accuser has chosen to pull this stunt today is because he thought he had successfully chased his rival away from yet another event involving the SL Whovian community, and was livid at having been denied what I'm sure he saw as a victory over his sworn foes.  The accuser has not only been caught telling a major lie, but he screwed up royally by posting it in-world to smear another group.  That is a breach of LL terms of use, as he well knows.  I will keep you updated as more information follows.

UPDATE (6:19PM EDT/3:19PM SLT): IFT Sci-Fi Alliance, which runs the SL Sci-Fi Convention, just sent out the following notice regarding sales-sharing and Relay for Life:

The RFL rules are clear on this...  You can split your profits from vendor sales by sharing it, but unless you give 100% of sales to the American Cancer Society, you cannot promote it using their name.  I am told this reason is to reduce their liability on any fraud.  Plus, I believe they prefer people be using their vendors if that is the case.  See the attached notecard for details.
From the attached notecard:

If an individual would like to donate a portion of their store sales, tips or proceeds to RFL of SL, they may advertise that they support RFL of SL on signage in their establishment or venue and drop any monies they choose into a kiosk.  They may NOT advertise that a percentage or portion  goes to RFL of SL, nor that their sale is a RFL of SL event. 

It has also come to my attention that Laredo Lowtide of TARDIS region has been in contact with the Relay for Life people and been assured that they have no problem with New London Systems or TARDIS region's booth at the convention.  As usual, a certain someone is making a big stink over nothing in order to stroke his massive ego.  For the record, some of us have loste friends, relatives, and acquaintances to cancer over the years.  One person I know through SL told me she lost a close relative yesterday to cancer.  I have a history of cancer in my family, and a few years ago I had to have two abnormal moles removed because the dermatologist was concerned that they could devlop into malignancies.  So this latest round of dishonesty and bullshit hits pretty close to home for many people.  It was performed maliciously and knowing full well that the accusations were wholly fabricated.  If any mistake was made by anyone, it was in the outright refusal to take the matter up in private with the proper authorities and the decision instead to transform what should have been a fun event for every sci-fi and Doctor Who fan, that serves the worthy cause of fighting cancer, into just another excuse to wage war against a rival group.  That is absolutely disgusting and there is no excuse for it.  The truly guilty parties, having been thwarted in their latest attempt to exclude their rivals from a popular SL event, have desecrated the cause of fighting cancer and put a serious damper on everyone's good time.

*: The accuser has a legitimate grievance with me, for reasons I have stated in previous entries and which I will not go into here.  But his efforts to punish everyone else he doesn't like by spreading lies must be challenged.  Bullying, defamation, and harassment cannot, must not, and should not be tolerated.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Second Life Sci-Fi Convention 4 (July8th-10th)

Yo!  Has it really been a year since the last SL Sci-Fi Convention?  Yes it has!  Phoenix Industries and Sci-Fi Enterprises are doing a joint display of their wares this year.  If you'd like to pay us a visit in-world, you can do that by clicking the link below:

Below are some of the ass-kicking consoles Phoenix Industries has on display, as well as a freebie sonic screwdriver ad by Sci-Fi Enterprises.

Neat, huh?  Again, to visit the booth at the convention, click the link here:

See you there!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From the Ashes...

As you've probably read in past entries and on other blogs, Archangel Network suffered a self-inflicted blow when I got caught using prims from a pirated Dalekanium build in my own line of Dalek avatars.  Yeah, I know.  It was stupid, I got caught, and I ended up paying for it big time.  There's no need to start lecturing me on things I already learned the hard way.

One of the consequences of this scandal is that Archangel Network is basically dead.  In order to salvage my legitimate builds, as well as the scripts created by Nonamei Scribe in the Dalek line, I accepted an offer to merge what was left of A.N. into a new group called Sci-Fi Enterprises, which is owned by Raife Resident, a relative newcomer to Second Life and a business entrepeneur, Nonamei Scribe, and Koschei Yuhara.  I am staying on as a customer service representative handling relations with S.F.E. buyers, while the company itself is taking on projects from talented builders.

Those of you who bought stuff from A.N. need not worry about losing out on its builds; they will return under the S.F.E. logo, and with any luck, they will finally be scripted again to be fully functional.  Don't think of this as goodbye.  Think of it as a new beginning.