Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Doctor Who News Links

Steven Moffat chimes in on the series' new executive producer:

 The exec joining me on Doctor Who is Caroline Skinner - fresh from the wonderful Five Days, and still finishing up on a brand new show called The Fades (a fantasy horror series, written by Jack Thorne - I've seen episode 1, and it's BRILLIANT.) Somewhere between me laughing in a basement and choosing planets to invade, and Marcus Wilson raising armies, there has to be a Prime Minister actually running the whole thing. That's the job Piers Wenger and Beth Willis have been doing so wonderfully for the last few years. Now that Piers is off to movie land, that's the furnace Caroline will be walking into.

Okay, now I'm mildly curious as to the upcoming second half of Series 6, Series 7, and the future of the show.  Moffat was coming close to turning me off of watching with his poor direction.  Maybe some fresh blood in the producing team will help provide a much needed improvement.  According to the article, fourteen new episodes have been greenlighted and series star Matt Smith will be returning for them.  That's good, because I like him in the role of the Doctor.

Mark your calendars for August 27th, because that's when Doctor Who returns to finish up Series 6.  The BBC has helpfully dropped some hints as to what we may expect.

Keep watching for more updates on Doctor Who and more!

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