Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slow, Crashtastic Firestorm Now "#1" Viewer On the Grid—Or So Firestorm Liars SAY.

So, Jessica Lyin' is boasting that Firestorm is now the #1 viewer on the SL grid.  According to her, it's the most stable one out there.  So I guess now Jessica Lyin', her lap dog Tonya Souther, and the other viewer elitists can finally stop offering updates to Phoenix, right?  Let's read some reviews from commentors on just how splenderrific Firestorm is.

Well from this latest release of Firestorm I have gone BACK to Phoenix as Firestorm is now 25% fps slower than Phoenix.
The reason why I use Firestorm and not Phoenix is not because I like it. In my view, Firestorm is an unfortunate step back from Phoenix towards ugly LL Viewer. The reason I have to use Firestorm is because the latest version of Phoenix with mesh support crashes on my Mac Book Pro.

So I do not see much of a reason to be so cheerful about Firestorm.
I would love to use Firestorm... But unfortunately I can't because the FPS is so low on my system even when setting all the graphics options to their lowest. On Phoenix viewer I can easily get 30 FPS and higher with graphics on Ultra. I can even throw in a little AA (up to 8x) and enable shadows and still get decent performance (at least 20 FPS). On Firestorm I can barely manage 10 FPS even with all the graphics setting set to their lowest =( (Yes I checked that AA is off and anisotropic filtering is off)
I have done nothing but get logged off time and time and time again, any time I am not on my own land. This update for me has been an utter disaster.
Firestorm beat Phoenix ?
Normal, you don't do any support for Phoenix, and Phoenix crash all times.
It's not a nice way to force the user to switch like that.
Now I use singularity, it's like Phoenix, with less crash.
Singularity ? I will check it out. Thanks for the lead !
I'm having the worst crash rate ever with the new Firestorm. But I am not sure if it's the viewer or Second Life issues. Is anyone else having problems editing/building? SL is constantly freezing up with I am in edit mode, often crashing, but sometimes fixing itself.
I at first thought this was a great release.. and for uh, performance.. i suppose it still is however, there has been issues with taking photos.

HUGE black lines in the photos..

not like the bug that adds tiny 1 or 2 pixel lines to photos that have shadow enabled.. i mean big fugly lines in low and high res without the shadows enabled.

i "upgraded" to the previous viewer then all those issues disappeared..

I don't know what is causing it but, i have asked for advice from others and they said to add a qn here.

also.. happy anniversary..
this is the viewer i recommend to friends.
This is a final user's opinion and absolutely not meant as trolling but, I really do not see a reason to congratulate that much since this very last update has really ruined my SL experience. Ever since I updated it, Changing outfits is a real pain since it just won't do it properly, it will overlap clothing objects and won't save it as I see it. rezzing objects is also another issue among others. I have tried other viewers and they seem to work just fine. I really think it's a shame this is happening and I reallly hope you do something about it because I love Firestorm and want to go back to using it and really believe what this post claims.
Phoenix_Firestorm-Release_i686_4.1.1.28744 was the most stable version on my system. I use Fedora 17.
The crash rate has gone up for me. I crash at least once per session.
I have submitted crash dumps. I hope it helps.
I am aware that you have added new code, and that's great. I am very happy with Firestorm overall and I'm grateful to everyone involved in making Firestorm. Now that the new code has been added, please if you would, please work on making FS more stable and please ask LL to tackle the crash on snapshot bug. Thank you.
Wrong, Firestorm is the biggest crash rate it crashes my computer so much its rediculous.. causes graphical glitches too.
If the point of their latest liefest was to increase support for Firestorm, they failed.


  1. Of course, if you have a computer that can't handle V3, it can't handle Firestorm. Firestorm usually crashes because the hardware of drivers are old, out of date or poorly maintained by the owner. And in fact, it's the driver that crashes, or it's the hardware overheating.

    1. My computer is under two years old, has eight GB of RAM, a monster graphics card, and a terabyte hard drive. The problem isn't hardware. It's software. It always has been.