Monday, September 17, 2012

Hamlet Au Goes Off the Deep End

Maybe he was having a hissy fit because no one was buying his bullshit argument that lowering land tier prices in SL wouldn't attract new and returning users.  Maybe he forgot to take his medication.  Or maybe he's just an asshole, and a truly evil one at that.  But Hamlet Au of New World Notes posted a blog entry comparing SLers and users of Eve Online to the Libyans who stormed the U.S. embassy last week and killed several Americans.  Below are two screen captures, the first showing the post itself, and the second showing a comment I made (an earlier one was deleted without explanation).

Clearly, Hamlet has gone off the deep end.  I get that he wants Second Life to become a gamers' haven like Steam and run stuff similar to World of Warcraft and War of the Immortals.  That's his desire as a gamer who enjoys Second Life and sees its potential as a 3D gaming platform.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with Hamlet on Second Life and what direction it should go in, he has a legitimate opinion and every right to express it as he sees fit.  One can also point out that Linden Lab's prices are too high and that it has not developed and is not developing the tools necessary to transform Second Life into a gaming platform.  These, too, are legitimate opinions, albeit ones based on the realities of Second Life and a good understanding of basic economics.

What is not legitimate is the comparison of SLers and Eve Online users to those who have committed acts of violence and murder — no matter how those acts may or may not be justified by the illegal, brutal invasions, bombing campaigns, occupations of, and the propping up of savage dictatorships in, Middle Eastern and African nations carried out by the United States.  That is far beyond the boundaries of taste.  And what is not mere opinion, but demonstrable fact, is that Hamlet Au is deeply disturbed individual, for one really has to be in order to make such a comparison and see nothing wrong with it.

Hamlet, you just lost any and all remaining shreds of credibility with this post of yours.

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  1. Okay, I went back to the thread and this time I clicked all the links, and realized I made a big mistake. I retract what I wrote here and offer my sincere apology to Hamlet Au.