Thursday, August 23, 2012

Health Care Woes (Not Mine — YET)

I was reading a blog from someone in Great Britain who wrote about his appeal to continue receiving medical care courtesy of the government-run health care system.  Seems Britain's politicians are, like those in the U.S., hellbent on destroying what's left of the social welfare system in favor of private, for-profit interests.

The fact is that Britain's previously nationalized health care system, while I'm sure it had its flaws, was among the best in the world.  The depraved move toward privatized health care like what we're saddled with in the U.S. is a digusting act by cowardly politicians who obviously need never worry about how they're going to pay for their care; they're wealthy enough to be able to afford it, and since they're not human enough to feel such sentimental emotions as empathy, why should they care if the rest of us are left to scrape up some sort of existence on our own?  As far as these savages are concerned, the Ayn Rand philosophy of "survival of the fittest" is the only rule worth following.

Now, bear in mind I'm asking this next bit out of ignorance because I don't know a lot about British politics, but what does Queen Elizabeth think of all this?  Does anyone know?  Granted, as I understand it the British monarch is little more than a figurehead, but even figureheads have the power of the bully pulpit and the ability to invoke rhetoric to rouse the people.  Surely if she gave a speech denouncing austerity and calling the people to action on tossing out their conservative rulers in favor of a return to the strong social welfare days, people would follow her lead?  What's going on over there?

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., a good friend of mine may or may not have cancer.  Among her host of other health problems including fibromyalgia, this would really put her in an economic fix and since her health problems prevent her from working, she's already close to starvation as it is.  Yet she, I, and millions of other Americans who cannot afford health care are effectively being told to die if we can't afford to get treatment.  What remaining social welfare still exists in this country is being whittled away even further and Obama's far right health insurance bailout simply institutionalizes the health care crisis.  So BINGO! it went from aberration to part of the system, and since it can't be a crisis in the system if it's a design function, no more crisis, right?  Except tens of millions still won't be able to visit a doctor because health care is prohibitively expensive.  *Facepalms.*

You can only deprive people of so much for so long before they reach the breaking point.  We're about there now.  The subhuman savages who are crushing us all underfoot must know this, which is why they're busily finalizing their respective police states — gotta be prepared to use as much force as possible to put down any and all uprisings, even if the likelihood of them is low.

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