Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Day of the Doctor Trailer / I Hope It's Only Resting / SL Downturn News

Sorry it's so late, but I thought I'd post the trailer for next month's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, "The Day of the Doctor".

Awesome, isn't it?  I'm actually looking forward to watching this.

On a sadder note, my computer's power supply has apparently died and I can only hope I can save up enough money over the next few months to maybe order a new one.  If it turns out not to be the main power supply but something else, something with the hard drive as I fear, then I'm screwed.  I won't be able to get online except maybe from campus.

Times like this especially, I wish I could get a better-paying job so things like this weren't so damaging to my plans and projects.


Anyway, here are a couple of links about the way things have been trending behind the scenes in Second Life.  SL creator Philip Rosedale has left Linden Lab's board of directors, meaning that there are now no members left who are even remotely concerned with making Second Life what it was before, namely, profitable.  Hamlet Au thinks the current leadership's insane obsession with transforming the grid into one big open-ended gaming platform -- something Second Life was never designed to be -- is a good thing, but the region losses continue unabated as the Lab makes changes that only further hinder that very profitability.  Even a certain ass clown sees the writing on the wall, though to be fair, he's usually wrong (or lying) about, well, everything.

At any rate, there are signs that Linden Lab is beginning to have second thoughts about its recent Second Life terms of service change.  Considering the monumental screw-ups the Lab makes with practically every business decision, this shouldn't be at all surprising.  I'll keep you updated on further developments in this ongoing mess when or if I'm able to get online.

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