Monday, October 21, 2013


I logged into Second Life this morning to find some items returned and people upset with me over what I wrote in an earlier entry.  Apparently they saw my speculations as to how the new Linden Lab terms of service might — or might not — affect the Whovian community in SL as a form of bashing.  Really, I wasn't bashing anyone.  I was only making guesses as to what could happen, and I made it a point to stress that I might just be paranoid and cynical and that perhaps none of what I was speculating about would ultimately happen.  That's why it's called speculation: I really don't know the future and have no proof of anything, and so can only make guesses.  I'm sorry some people chose to take that as insult, but I intended none when I wrote that entry and I'm a little confused as to why anyone would take it as such.  At any rate, I'm sorry my opinions and guesses offended them.

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