Sunday, August 4, 2013

And the next Doctor is...Peter Capaldi!

It's official: foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker, aka actor Peter Capaldi, is the next Doctor, following the departing Matt Smith.  The fifty-five-year-old Capaldi, who was born in Glasgow, is the same age William hartnell was when he first stepped into the iconic role back in 1963.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but knowing the BBC and Stephen Moffat, maybe not.  At any rate, it'll be interesting to see how he handles the role.  He played a Roman merchant in Series 4's "The Fires of Pompeii" in 2008, and kept it rather clean.  Should be interesting to watch.

On a sadder note, actor Michael Ansara passed away July 31st at the age of ninety-one.  Famous for his presence on television and voice work, Ansara is best remembered in sci-fi circles as the Klingon commander Kang on Star Trek, and as the voice of Mr. Freeze in the animated Batman series.  Rest in peace, Mr. Ansara.

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