Monday, July 1, 2013

Massive Ego

You have to hand it to certain people for having a lot of gall.  It's said that there are signs that a person might be a psychopath.  Among them are a "grandiose sense of self worth", Pathological lying", a tendency for manipulating others in ways that are often harmful to them, "lack of remorse or guilt", shallow emotions, lack of empathy, living a parasitic lifestyle (leeching off of others), poor behavioral control, and sexual promiscuity.  Also included are impulsive behavior, flagrant irresponsibility, and refusal to own up to one's own actions.

Most politicians and lawyers and corporate executives exhibit most or all of these and other symptoms (as do all serial killers, but that's a matter for another post).  But since they're considered the elites of society, they get to run the planet however they see fit and get obscenely rich doing it, rather than being locked away in mental institutions where they belong.

Now to the point of this entry: someone really has a monumentally inflated sense of his own importance.  According to his delusional rants, an entire "community" in Second Life will wither away and die now that he's "quit" it.  Funny, but there are regions in SL the traffic of which have always exceeded that of his own, and yes, his former group might have technically had more members, but really, how many of them were active?  I've been to the region he once called home in his particular circle of elitist fanboys-and-girls, and it's always been practically deserted.  Others in the same "community", if it can be called that, got and continue to get much higher traffic, and whenever I venture there the places are always busy.  People go there, they hang out, they chat, and they enjoy each other's company.  These places actually have a sense of community missing from this self-important person's former region.

All of which leads me to conclude that, despite his ego's desire to be the sole reason his particular "community" even exists in SL, that it never existed before he came and will now die because he's no longer actively involved in it, the "community" will actually go on, just as it did before he came.

The lesson to be learned from all this is that no one person is so important to anything that his absence means the decline and fall of the entire tribe.  That is only true so long as people allow it to be, and I don't get any sense of anyone letting anything go away because one person has left.

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