Thursday, June 27, 2013

Watching a Meltdown

Looks like someone's gotten a dose of what was done to me three years ago by a certain bunch, and by that same bunch.  I could have warned him what he was getting himself into, but he wouldn't have listened.

Now he's threatening to shut down the whole Doctor Who community in SL, burn everyone, and it's incurred the wrath of some who have until now stayed out of the fray.

It's sad seeing someone melt down like this.  He's always had mental problems, but still, I can relate to what he's probably going through right now.  All those years busting his ass making his group the biggest he could make it, and his only reward was to be driven out.

At least, that's the story he's telling.  I have no idea how much is true, how much is exaggeration, and how much is fabricated.  But oddly enough, considering who he's bitching about, I actually have reason to believe him this time.

Anyway, I hope he takes this opportunity of more free time to get the help he needs.

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