Monday, June 18, 2012

New Central Batteries!

I redid the Green Central Battery and added funnels to make it look more lantern-like.  Because of the time and energy that went into making it, the size of the build, and the suggestion of those who offered input, the price has doubled to 200L$.  But it's still a great buy for land-owners and renters, and still very low-prim at a count of 34.

And I didn't stop with the green version, either!  No, I made all nine Lantern Corps central batteries, along with a concept tenth one combining blue and green.  Soon all central batteries will be in the vendors, but here's the Red Central Battery:

This one is actually thirty prims — four fewer than the green one!  Still, this took a lot of work to get the look just right.  Here are the links for the marketplace:

To visit Sci-Fi Enterprises in-world, go here:

Next up for release is the Star Sapphire Central Battery.  Here's a sneak preview.

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