Thursday, June 7, 2012

GL Central Battery!

After a long hiatus Sci-Fi Enterprises is back with an awesome new build from yours truly.  After joining a Green Lantern Corps group in SL, I was inspired by some of the region builds and decided to make my own central battery.  Here's the ad:

You can find it on the Marketplace here:

Or visit the in-world store:

The build is tall, about twenty-four meters, and has a footprint of about 18x18.  At thirty-two prims it won't max out your land's prim allowance.  This of course means you will need land to keep it on, but if you do then it'll be a great attraction.

Just to give you an idea of scale:

Note the guy at the bottom who's away from his keyboard.  Anyway, feel free to visit the Marketplace page or the store in New London in TARDIS region.  The Central Battery is only 100L$, so it's a real deal.  An SFX handheld battery is built and awaiting scripting.

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