Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I made movies!

Here are the first two projects I did for my film class this semester.  Footage for Project 3 should come in today or tomorrow, allowing me to edit it all into something awesome. These film shorts were filmed on a Bolex 16mm film camera, in glorious black and white.


This was the one-shot project; our assignment was to gauge our ability to shoot something in only one take, with no cuts or stopping of the camera. In the above-linked short, two guys meet, ostensibly to discuss something important, but things quickly degenerate into a physical altercation that sends #1 to the ground. #2 comes back to deliver a kick to #1 while he's down. If this were applied to me versus life itself, I would be Guy #1 and Life would be Guy #2.


This was our in-camera-edit project. We had to film the bits in sequential order. We also had to present assigned shot types, such as close-up, extreme close-up, Dutch or canted angles, tracking and tilt shots, and so on. In this film short, a couple is having problems communicating. The woman is trying to explain that her guy doesn't listen very well, but what he hears isn't what she's saying. She loses her temper, finally prompting the guy to pay attention to his gal's feelings. The shaky dolly shot of the opening door wasn't actually intended to be shaky. We were moving on a highly uneven sidewalk.

I'll post my edited Project 3 once it's finished and uploaded.


I may soon be able to log onto SL from where I'm currently staying, so I won't have to rely so much on school terminals.


Last night I witnessed a deer be hit by a car and live to run away. The poor thing ran out into oncoming traffic, because its territory had been eliminated forcing it to exist in the city. I saw this animal tumble-fly and land badly, but it was able to get back up right away and run the rest of the way across the road. The driver not only chose to keep going when the deer ran in front of his or her vehicle, but didn't even stop to check if it was alright. Asshole.

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