Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homelessness: Week 2

I'm in my second week of homelessness.  Tomorrow I go to apply for public housing assistance, though the waiting list is two years or more.  Yesterday I shelled out money for a new copy of my birth certificate, since my old copy is deteriorating and is halfway to coming in half.  Always good to have a backup, right?  I have a film shoot to try and get done this weekend, which isn't guaranteed since classmates are all busy with their own projects.  I hope I don't miss being able to do my third film project, because I can't make it up once the opportunity has passed.

Had some more drama in-world, which I really didn't need.  You don't need to know from whom, but it really hurt considering my real-life circumstances.

Looking for better-paying jobs and not really finding anything, which isn't surprising.  Economy sucks and a guy my age who's homeless, still trying to get his Bachelors, and has no car simply can't compete with the dozen or so other people vying for every job out there.


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