Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clearing Up Some Things

Okay, ordinarily I wouldn't stoop to getting into yet another cross-region battle, but someone has been throwing around false accusations along with some legitimate ones, leaving out crucial facts that need to be included.

1.) Last year I was driven out of Who Island by people I once thought were friends but who turned out not to be.  They tried to steal one of the groups I own out from under me and cut me out of running my own company.  Then, during last year's Sci-Fi Convention, while I was in the process of removing their items from my vendors, they filed an abuse report against me and sent out notices accusing me of selling pirated scripts.  In fact, I was complying with their demand to remove their items from my vendors.  In addition, it was reported to me that they fully intended to sell my builds in their vendors even though they no longer had my permission. I had to comment in a blog entry that permission to use my builds had been revoked.  After that, Who Island continued to spread lies about me.  Witnesses, however, can attest to the truth.

2.) It is true that I used prims from what turned out to be a pirated Dalek build.  I admitted it and sent out notices explaining what was done, and that I acted alone in having done so.  I also took the liberty of paying the builder of the Dalek, HBK Schwartzman, 4,000L$ in compensation for Archangel Network Daleks that had been sold up to the time I pulled them from my vendors.  Here is the screencap showing the transaction:

 Odd thing, leaving out this fact.  But hey, why worry about facts when one is on a tear?  Don't get me wrong; I am making absolutely no excuses for what I did.  It was stupid, I got caught, and I ended up nearly losing a lot of good friends because of it.  And I did actually lose some friends over this, as was natural given the nature of the misdeed in question.  That's my fault and I deserve whatever consequences I had and have coming to me.  But to falsely accuse others of being in on this, and to continue spreading such deceptions, is just as wrong and it is destructive to the entirety of the SL Whovian community.  The fact is that I did this by myself, and did it without the knowledge or consent of anyone else  Others have been generous enough to let me keep the flat I rent and remain on their staff as a DJ, which only shows that they are willing to forgive mistakes for people adult enough to admit them and accept responsibility.  Had I not done so, I am certain I would now be homeless in SL and without any friends whatsoever.

Bottom line: It is dishonest to leave out crucial facts when ranting and raving, and it is dishonest to falsely accuse others of things they never did just because some people want to use my misdeed as an excuse to heighten the intensity of an inter-sim war nobody cares about (except the ones waging it).  I've admitted to what I did and done what I could to make amends.  People who were not involved in it needn't have their good names sullied just because they chose to forgive me.

And that's all I'm gonna say about this.  People can make up their own minds about who to believe.

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