Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steelhead City Dance Event and Yogic Flying

Last night I was invited to a 70s-themed RFL dance event at Steelhead City.  Things went well until a certain serial griefer who's on my mute list showed up and stuck around a few minutes.  Knowing his penchant for calling for my banning from the grid altogether, as well as spreading drama, I was worried that he'd start something.  Fortunately, I was assured by the event host that Steelhead City is a neutral sim and that Griefer wouldn't start shit.

Someone spammed the TLoG group chat in SL a few minutes ago.  We set him straight, but Kat Kassner posted a funny link about yogic flying that I just have to share.

Ha ha, epic win!

Anyway, my SL girlfriend and I had a pretty good time at Steelhead.  Knowing now that I'm not banned from all of the steampunk regions, I feel a bit freer to travel to some of them.

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