Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RFL May Events and Ruminations on Ego

I'm going to try doing a couple more RFL events for this month, at least hosting them.  I still haven't figured out the problems with my streaming program, WinAmp, that are causing the connection to cut in and out.  But I still want to help raise money via events, so keep an eye out for future DJ gigs.

Speaking of RFL events in May, there are a lot of them.  You can look them up here, but posted below is a list of upcoming events.

DJ Nardo at G.R.I.T.S. - Relay for HOPE
Wednesday, 9 May, 2012
6-8PM SL Time

DJ Cluckey at the Purple Sky Dome - Hearts & Souls
Saturday, 12 May, 2012
6:30-8:00AM SL Time

Some events linked to off-site locations, and some have already come and gone.  A couple seem to be continuous, such as the garage sale listed on the upcoming events page.  I'll keep you updated as more events are posted.


Someone's been bitching about other people posting about Relay For Life events they're involved in.  Apparently, if this idiot's rants are to be believed, no one is allowed to post about RFL (or any other event) unless he's online.  I didn't realize the entire grid was obligated to shut down all activities just to accommodate his absence from it.

What a loser.

Okay, off to work, and then I have to print a 90-page screenplay that's due by six this evening.  Later!

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