Monday, September 6, 2010

Freebie Items!

We have two freebie items from Archangel Network, the main vendor location for which is at TARDIS region.

The first is a sonic screwdriver-inspired prop.  It is seventeen prims and has animated energy-flow textures.  A scripted version with cool special effects and other features is in the works.

Up next is a biggie.  It's a flying saucer inspired by the Dalek time ships from the RTD era of Doctor Who.  It is a mere nineteen prims, but it is quite large — 52x52 meters.  A smaller, 10x10 version will also be given out through the vendors later this week.  The saucer is no-modify.

If you like Doctor Who in Second Life and want some props to spruce up your land, these are good items to do just that.

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