Monday, August 23, 2010

A Big Thank-You to Kat and Laredo!

Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide of TARDIS region's New London community have put a lot of time, work, and love into building what is arguably the largest and most popular Whovian community in Second Life.  As a thank-you to them for all they've done, we're putting on a party in their honor, beginning at 10:00 AM SL time (1:00 PM U.S. Eastern time and 6:00 PM GMT).  The place: Timelords Club & Hangout.  The sponsors: Timelords Club & Hangout and Time Lords of Gallifrey.  The guests of honor...well, I've already told you.

Bring yourselves, your best mates, and your party hats as we celebrate New London and her wonderful owners.  See you there!

Photos below, in reverse order.  Time Lords know no linear passage of time.

Last photo for the day.  An explosive finale to an incredible event.
Thanks to Kat and laredo for making TARDIS region and Second Life memorable and fun!
Kat is very limber!
Zoe just needs a lampshade!

Bag Man ticked off our guests of honor and was put to the rack.
Your fearless DJ!
Kat's a multi-tasker!
Sexy Megan Strom!
It's Bag Man, come to entertain our guests of honor!
Romanna's looking rather, um, healthy!
The queen and king on their thrones!

Okay, who farted?
My Pretty Pony?

Laredo Lowtide

Kat Kassner