Monday, February 25, 2013

Did I mention I'm now in the Green Lantern Core?

This past Friday I was privileged to graduate from 'poozer' training in the Green Lantern Core group in Second Life.  I have to tell you, it is an honor to be involved with these people.

The GLC began roughly ten years ago as a fan group for the Green Lantern comic book series published by DC Comics.  Eventually they became involved in protecting a region called 'A Better World', which is dedicated to helping educate others on the crisis in Darfur (genocides, refugees, and so on) from attacks by griefers, and became more involved in anti-griefing activities as the years went by.

But the GLC is more than simply an anti-griefing group.  We are heavily involved in charity events, including Relay For Life in Second Life, helping to raise money to find a cure.

One part of 'poozer' training was the class collaborating to put on a charity event, which tested our ability to work together to create and run a charity event.  Unfortunately my participation in that was limited because of Internet connectivity issues, but those are (sort of) resolved now, and what I was able to contribute, I'm thankful to have been given the opportunity.

(Of course, with being a Core member comes my share of griefer attacks.  Last night, for example, as I was popping into the group's sandbox, I came upon a bunch of 'bees' being rezzed, and an object caused a drop-down menu to appear ad infinitum with a link to some random blog.  This all combined to crash the region, prompting a sim reboot on Linden Lab's end.  Attacks like this are frequent enough to require Core member presence at all times, though obviously this isn't always possible.)

Thanks to GLC member, ION, and trainer Trinatiana, GLC member Cathy Gray, and others for leading the training courses and putting up with all our questions.  You all rock AND roll!

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