Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Snitching Bitch

Novatech's Cheshyr Pontchartrain was suspened this weekend for infringing on CBS's copyright on all things Star Trek.  His account was restored at the request of CBS lawyers in response to Cheshyr's agreement to remove all Trek-related builds from Novatech vendors.  If even one more copyright infringement complaint is filed against Cheshyr, Linden Lab has threatened to ban him from SL forever along with all alts.

Now, to be fair, anyone who builds and sells copyrighted material without prior permission from the copyright owner is taking a huge risk.  Linden Lab is not going to risk a lawsuit from a large corporation, which is why its terms of service expressly forbid the selling of copyrighted material.  Sooner or later all copyrighted material in SL is going to have to come down or be made to comply with existing fair use laws.

But really, this didn't have to happen.  Apparently a sniveling little bitch who goes by the name Malic Tolsen decided he didn't like Cheshyr, so he sicced CBS's leeches after the entire Trek community in SL.  "Wonderful" guy who just made enemies out of just about every Trek fan in SL.

Now, granted, I'm no angel.  I've done my share of stupid things in my time and I've owned up to them.  But after taking a look at his profile and having learned of his actions against Cheshyr, I can safely say he's just the sort of conniving little bitch who would gladly screw over as many people as he can just to press a grudge.  Even that lying ass clown Mornington wouldn't go snitching to the BBC and shut down the entire Whovian community just to make trouble for one person, because he'd be screwing himself in the process.

But some people are too selfish to care what they do to others.  Cheshyr wasn't making any profit off of his wares.  Anyone who owns and runs a vendor-based business in SL is either taking a loss or barely breaking even.  Even the land barons are feeling the financial pinch and getting out before they lose their shirts.  So it's not like CBS was losing any money to Novatech.

Well, Malic child, you've gotten yourself banned from a lot of regions this week.  I hope you're happy for what you've pulled, because now everyone you've pissed off is watching you like a hawk and the microsecond you put up something — anything — that looks even remotely like a violation of copyright laws, you will find yourself reported to the copyright owner and Linden Lab.  Karma's a bitch, and so are you.

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