Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SL Tutorial: How to Copy Text from Notecard to Notecard

I've noticed that some people in SL, whether they're new or long time users, have had trouble figuring out how to copy and paste text from one notecard to another.  SO here's a simple tutorial for how to do it.  NOTE: This was done using the most recent version of Phoenix, which uses the Viewer 1 graphic user interface (GUI).  Even if the notecard you are trying to copy text from is no-transfer, as long as you can read the contents you should be able to hightlight, right-click, and copy the text.

In your inventory, right-click a notecard and select 'Open'.

Select all of the text by clicking inside the notecard and then using ctrl-a on a PC or command-a on a Mac.

Right-click and select 'Copy'.

Go back to your inventory and create a new Note.

Like so.  Open it up like you did with the previous one and...

...click inside the new note, right-click, and select 'Paste'

Save your new note and you're done.

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