Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cause Grief, Get Yourself Banned, Then Whine About It On a Blog

I was checking out some of the SL-themed blogs looking up stuff on London-based communities (Google is my friend) when I came across an entry by a certain serial liar and griefer complaining about getting banned from one of the larger regions and urging members of a fan-based chain of groups to boycott the place.

I found this extremely funny, since this loser has a habit of stirring up all manner of trouble for people and never bothers explaining the specific reason for whatever he claims is done to him.  Usually he's spread some lie about the sim- or group-owners and they decided they could do without his tiresome presence on their own virtual land.  Whatever he said or did to get himself banned I really don't know, but knowing him, it was probably similar to what he's done to so many others that they got fed up and booted his sorry behind.

What's funny about this is that the individual in question has deluded himself into thinking he has more influence in his little niche group(s) — and in SL generally, in all likelihood — than he really has.  I'm sure the only reason SL is even still afloat is because of this clown's continued presence.  Hell, the entire grid grinds to a screeching halt if he leaves to attend to his alleged real life for even an hour! (/Sarcasm).

UPDATE (11 April) - Since Stupid likes to post people's full avatar names in his entries, I looked up the sim owner and asked some questions.  Turns out he took advantage of their generosity and when they objected, he took to bitching about it on his blog.  So they returned all his stuff that he had rezzed there and banned his sorry ass.  Lesson to be learned: Don't piss off a sim owner.

Meanwhile, back in reality, life moves on.  I sent the film from my semester film project into the lab for development.  I hope to get it back by this time next week so I can begin editing.  The biggest obstacle to my short being all I dreamed it could be was time and actors' availability, or rather, lack thereof on the latter portion.  A shortage of funds in my bank account from last-minute bills took a bigger tol, forcing me to wait a few weeks before I could send in my exposed film.  It's Kodak color reversal stock, so once exposed the image begins breaking down.  At this point, with scenes still left to be shot, the primary actor I need to film them having dropped off the face of the planet, and the semester winding down (it ends in about a month), my project is looking to take a serious hit that could affect my grade enough to delay my graduation.


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