Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey, don't knock the free publicity.

I just read a friend's blog musing on the obsession a certain someone seems to have for her even though she has tried repeatedly to ignore him and get on with her Second Life.  I like to think of it as this harasser and his cronies giving my friend free publicity.  See, the more these people bitch and moan about who allegedly said or did what, the more people talk — about the target of the ranting and raving.  And I think, when people begin to realize just who it is that keeps initiating conflict, eventually they realize just what a loser Mr. Serial harasser really is.  Who the hell cares, you know?  Stop whining and complaining and move on with your life already.

But some people are incapable of leaving others alone.  It's a pathological compulsion, driven by fear.  What's to be feared?  No longer getting attention.  No longer mattering.  Obscurity.  Mr. Serial Harasser simply must keep up his harassment, domineering, conniving, lying, and bullying because without it all he is just another nobody.

That's actually a perfect description of my brother, now that I think about it.  The moment I'm thrown out onto the streets to be homeless, he'll realize that it's not he who is through with me; I am the one who will be through with him.  And then what will he have to live for?  He's already attempted suicide at least once — he's told me as much.  I pity the boy.

Anyway, to my friend who may be reading this, I say enjoy the free publicity.  Trying to beat the competition by constantly trash-talking the competitors is bad business for the one doing the trash-talking.  It's a sign of desperation.

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