Monday, August 1, 2011

SL Grid Issues Over Weekend

As I posted yesterday, we had a roleplay battle to give New London's Dalek mothership one hell of a send-off.  Unfortunately, Second Life was experiencing major league grid issues that caused a roll back of the TARDIS region.  I was supposed to DJ a dance event at the New London Maldovarium, but the grid problems forced me (and pretty much everyone else) off line.  What's more, the region itself was rolled back to a slightly earlier time in the day, undoing most of the dismantling of the Dalek mothership.  This also resulted in my contest board and my favorite tip jar, both of which were no-copy, to be deleted forever.  Fortunately, I was able to buy a new contest board that is copy-permission and which has more textures to fit a wider range of color schemes.

So today we did another roleplay battle to re-destroy the Dalek mothership, which you can read about here.  And notices sent through the New London-affiliated groups presented a new Wordpress-based blog for New London.  The Doctor Who Zone blog will apparently still be maintained for relating Whovian-themed events, but the main focus now is on TARDIS region as a London-themed one with less emphasis on Doctor Who.  I doubt this will placate certain parties, but oh well.

Phoenix Industries owners Nonamei Scribe and Koschei Yuhara are in the process of moving to another city in real life, so they'll be off line most of the next week, appearing only sporadically until they are settled in their new place.  Any questions may be directed to Phoenix Industries group officers, or wait until Nonamei and Koschei return.  They're working on developing ground level for the mainland region they're on, so be sure to check the PI Support Group for updates.  To visit the Phoenix Industries main store, you can go here:

We're also located in TARDIS region where the old Archangel Network stall used to be.

I'll keep you updated on further developments.  See you later!

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