Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Dalek Updates and Other News

It's been a while since the last update, but we're back with news regarding the latest Dalek avatar updates from Archangel Network.

The current line is a hybridization of the classic series Daleks and the Davies-era variety.  Color schemes range from gray to "Planet of the Daleks" supreme.  Also getting a revamp are the classic series Dalek avatars, which when they're finished will look much closer to those seen in their respective episodes.  Wellzy Horngold is working on getting the details right.  DALEK Jinx's AOs help make movement with the prim avatars run smoothly.

This latest update is the final one before proceeding to the next phase of the avatar development: sound effects HUDs.  I'll be working on working ray gun effects and opening-and-closing shells as well.

Locations of Archangel Network vendors are at A1 Sci-Fi Mall and at Spyker Enterprises.

I've also been invited to the group, The New Dalek Empire, where my Dalek-building skills will be promoted.  Thanks to the crew from that group.

Finally, many thanks go out to Kat Kassner, Laredo Lowtide, and all the residents, visitors, and friends of New London in Second Life's TARDIS region.  I'm now a regular DJ at their Travellers Rest Pub on Sundays.  This means I get to play my music library, and add to it as well when people make song requests.

Until the next update, cheers!

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